PHYSICAL Archive of the Odd Issue #1: For Research Purposes Only


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This is a physical copy of the first issue of Archive of the Odd!

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Archive of the Odd is a biannual zine of horror and supernatural stories told in unusual formats, including messages, letters, news articles, product support pages, defunct forum pages, and more.

Stories in Issue 1-

Azul- JR Santos, illustrations by Alina Gottbrecht
Click Me- Rachel Rodman, illustration by Hira Rashid (
The Comments Section- Andy Tytler
Goblin Universe- Barrie Darke, illustration by Hekatos Mist
House of Fitted Stones- Daniel Simonson, illustration by Rieroo/Morgan Versluys
Incident Report- Cormack Baldwin, illustration by Cormack Baldwin
Kullen Product Support- EV Smith, illustration by Renée Elizabeth Clarke
Queen of the Underground- Maureen O'Leary, illustrations by Georgia Cook
The Securities & Exchange Commission v. The Undying Sea- Simo Srinivas, illustration by DS Oswald
A Series of Notes Found Scribbled Inside the Romance Novels in the 50p Section of My Local Oxfam- Georgia Cook, illustration by Alina Wahab
Skipping- Simon J. Plant, illustration by Beatrice Olive
Video Nasty- Jack Fennell, illustration by Toeken
Welcome- Alexis Ames & Kat Veldt

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