DIGITAL Archive of the Odd Issue #3: Aibohphobia


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Archive of the Odd is a biannual zine of horror and supernatural stories told in unusual formats, including journals, product reviews, Myspace posts, and customer complaint forms.

There is no one story. There are angles and mirrors, worlds reflecting worlds. What will you see when you step inside?

Stories include:
The Desire, Death, and Dance of the Planet Aysudalit by Monica Louzon (illustration by DS Oswald)
Double Slit by Louis Evans
Heritage Assessment Daemonium by Chris Moss
if the sky can crack by Meep Matsushima (illustrations by Sonali Roy and Angela Patera)
Introduction to Let's Kill the Pizza Guy: The Love Poems of Yael Friedman concerning Hadassah Herz by Tim Lieder
KentGent by Ren Wednesday (illustration by Cormack Baldwin)
Nature and Mechanics of Causality: A Graduate Seminar (PHYS 631) by Monica Joyce Evans
A Partial Record of Enchanted Cheeses I've Fed My Wife by Devin Miller (illustration by Renée Elizabeth Clarke)
Pennsylvania Furnace (Refrain) by Samir Sirk Morató
Review: Legends of the Endblade by Icestorm Studios by Miles Nelson (illustration by Biskwitty)
The Third-To-Last Write-Up of Penny Wheelwright, Funventure Ambassador by Malda Marlys
The Troubling History of Boddington's Inlet by Rajiv Moté (illustration by Toeken)
Truth Serum by Jacob Steven Mohr (illustration by Alina Gottbrecht)

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